When planning your wedding you think of and find endless details, to dos, and ideas how to put together one of the most special days in your life. You’re going to want it to make it memorable and fun for everyone. We have shared before many creative ideas how to entertain your guests, but I would love to share 5 of the most important aspects that will make or break every wedding. 

Food Choice

It’s important to say that good food is the top reason why your guests will remember your wedding as one of the best they’ve attended. At the same time, not so good choices of food will definitely make everyone unhappy, regardless of how beautiful your venue, dress or bouquet is. So please make sure you have plenty and delicious food. If you’re unsure about what food to include at each aspect of your wedding, check out our wedding day catering guidance. 


Music has huge power! Getting entertainment right will greatly affect the atmosphere and feel of your event, and if you want your guests to have fun a great band/DJ is a must. I usually prefer a smaller setup for the ceremony (like classic duo or string quartet), and then relaxed instrumental music for the cocktail hour and throughout most of the dinner. At the end of the dinner it’s a good idea to liven it up a bit (think percussionist and vocal) to warm up the atmosphere for party. A good DJ is always a great choice for your after party, as he will do more than just play music. He’ll often be the one announcing the cutting of the cake, first dance, and cues for the whole party. 

Wedding Day Timeline Execution

If you really want to get the most out of your wedding day and make sure everyone is having fun, then you need to prepare a killer timeline for each aspect. You also need to make sure that everything happens on schedule. Not executing your timeline well will definitely break your wedding day, making you and your guests feel bored or stressed, and often it will also result with additional costs at the end of the day. You need to keep in mind that each supplier (photographers, band, catering, venues) is paid for a certain amount of time and if you get off schedule, that time will be added to your bill, too. 


Just as with the food, you definitely have to think of making your guests happy with enough drinks throughout the day. There are three important stages of your wedding day where getting drinks packaged right will be very important.
• Straight after ceremony you should plan for a welcome hour (I don’t advise full bar at this stage since this could result in your guests getting drunk before dinner or the main reception has even started).
• During actual dinner you can combine wine with other drink packages, defining with catering how will drinks be served (wine on the table or waiter service, spirits on the bar?) and who will pay for what (are you planning to cover all drinks for your guests or let those who order spirits to buy their own drinks?). Good etiquette will require that you at least include wine and water complimentary with dinner.
• After party is a great time for full open bar, or if you want to impress more, you could add some signature cocktails. 

Your Mood and Energy

Last but not least on our list is your own mood and energy. If I could offer only one piece of advice to each couple, I would give them the right mindset. If this would be possible. ;) It might sound unusual at first to get this comment from a planner who specializes in all nifty, gritty logistics of the planning process and wedding day, however, if you don’t get the right mindset you will not be happy on the day, regardless of anything else. So what would be this right mindset? Your wedding is about you getting married to a person you love. All other details are just extra. So keep in mind that this wedding is about celebrating your love, and let that help guide you through the rest of the process so you can enjoy your amazing day with your guests!