Today’s blog might sound a bit strange at first. You’d probably assume that if the venue has sea views it would have sea views during ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, am I right? Well, there is one important detail that you’re maybe overlooking while exploring wedding venues in Malta. Malta is an island surrounded by open sea, so once the sun goes down that view that was breathtaking during the day turns into black empty space and completely disappears.

If you’re having cocktail hour at sunset, once you sit down for dinner your wedding venue will transform. This can actually be good news if you choose one of our three wedding venues that will keep stunning views at night, or even become more beautiful.
So here they are:

The Villa

The Villa in St. Julian’s is located in Ballutta Bay, in a very popular central city of St. Julian’s. Balluta Bay has a few restaurants that create reflection of the sea at night, and just next to Villa is the grand parish church of Balluta, with its façade lit at night, too. Villa, with its lovely lighting and stunning views makes this one of our top choices for sea views for your wedding background.


Chop House


The wedding venue of Chop House is also located in a central area, and it has absolutely the nicest sea view of Valletta, and has bastion walls that are lit at night and illuminate the sea at the same time. This restaurant has a terrace covered with glass, which means you can enjoy views and feel like you’re still outdoors, even in winter months or in a case of a rainy day.


Hola Beach


One of the rare beach wedding venues in Malta where you can get exclusivity and privacy for your wedding, where we also love the lighting, is Hola Beach. During the day you will see two Maltese Islands of Comino and Gozo, while at night with just a few uplighters you can see a glowing sea surface. How does that sounds for a stunning beach wedding in Malta? 

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