Planning a destination wedding in Malta? If so, you're probably interested in hosting a rather long wedding party that will blow your guests and keep them talking about the great time they had for years to come.

Wedding venues in Malta vary from gardens, Villas and beaches to sea view restaurants and castles, and they offer amazing settings for suck a unique occasion and exciting party.

However, you might find one big obstacle: laws.

In Malta, the government says that outdoor music must be stopped by 11 p.m.  and indoor music must be lowered down at that time as well so that neighbors have no reason to complain. Being unaware of this law might ruin your party and leave you disappointed, Instead, you should communicate with your venue about their music restrictions early in the process.

The good new is, there are some stunning venues in Malta that either have licenses to play music longer or are located in isolated areas where you can blast long into the night.

Some of our favorites are:

castello zamitello 

This beautiful historic castle in Village Mgarr is quite far away from houses in area and offers very safe and exclusive setting. This means your party will go on into the late hours. 


villa arrigo

Stunning Villa in village Naxxar is great for couples who wish to start their party early and finish late. The Villa has two gardens, perfect for romantic wedding setup, as well as an indoor area for long wedding parties. Most couple start wedding at Villa Arrigo at 4 p.m. and finish at 3 a.m. 

razzet L-Abjad

This vineyard venue is the only venue in Malta that actually has a license to have parties till 2 a.m. You can choose between garden with grape trees and a pool area of lovely marquee (our couples' favorite choice).