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Meet Martina, Founder & Fearless Leader


Hello. My name is Martina Selvagi, and I’m the founder of Wed Our Way (formerly iDo Weddings Malta, ltd). Congratulations on your engagement! It’s wonderful to meet you. 

There is a reason this planning company is called Wed Our Way; we want you to have your destination wedding your way, just as you imagine it.

In fact, this is the precise reason I became a wedding planner. You see, I was born and raised in Croatia, but married in Malta. 

After planning my own destination wedding and discovering first-hand the challenges of researching and coordinating an event from afar:

I vowed to commit my career to helping other destination couples skip the learning curve, preserve their unique wedding vision and have a lot more fun in the entire process!

So what am I like really?

Well, clients, friends and other wedding vendors would probably tell you that I love to laugh. I'm a pretty happy person, although I take my job very seriously. I'm organized, creative and a go-getter.

That's how you know that I genuinely mean it when I say I want you to have the wedding you envision without all the stress and still have a blast pulling it all together. I have the exact personality and skills to help you make it happen. Here's a bit more about my story...

How did you become a wedding planner?

What makes you different from other wedding planners?

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Meet Ivana, Wedding Planner

 Ivana Vukušić has always been passionate about organizing events. As an event organiser of charity events, she acquired extensive planning and organizational skills. Her warm personallity, creativity, and passion for organizing the every single detail of a wedding makes Ivana a valuable member of the WOW team. Her deep knowledge about venues and Croatian wedding suppliers will help you have a relaxed, stress-free wedding planning experience. Her goals is to help you create a wedding day that totally reflects your personality and vision.

Ivana's Top 5

  • Dream Vacation - New Zealand
  • Favorite Dessert – It does’t matter whether it’s chocolate, fruit or even pie as long as make you go wow
  • Favourite Wedding Trend – classic elegance
  • Can’t Live Without: sea
  • Favorite Hobby: cooking for my friends and family

A note from Ivana

During my experience of working in a charity organization, I realized that I have a great passion for organizing events and helping people. Also, four years ago, when I was a bride, organizing my own wedding instead of stress gave me great pleasure and I was really enjoy it. At that point I decided that helping people with planning weddings of their dreams is what I want to do. Joining the WOW team was dream coming true because It gave me opportunity to work and learn from great experts and great colleagues too. My knowledge of the best venues and suppliers in my beautiful homeland Croatia is going to make your dream destination wedding come true.

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Meet Laetitia, Wedding Planner

 Laetitia initially joined WOW as an intern and quickly became a full time, invaluable part of the team. Her skills in management and logistics reassure couples that their wedding will be perfectly organized. Her supervising and coordination with suppliers will guarantee you a worry-free wedding. Your wedding schedule is safe in her hands, so you can fully enjoy your engagement time and feel like a guest at your own wedding.

Laetitia's Top 5

  • Current Obsession: Summer dresses and shoes
  • Dream Vacation: Traveling around the world
  • Favorite Wedding Trend: Mix of elegant, casual and fun
  • Can’t Live Without: Family and friends, I can't stay on my own for more than 2 hours
  • Favorite Hobby: Cooking and Gym, one can't go without the other

A note from Laetitia

I have been working at WOW Weddings for 4 years now, I always knew I would be great at planning events as I am kind of control freak obsessed with learning. I love to be valuable to people, help and advise them. What makes me great at planning weddings here in Malta is that I arrived on my own and tried to mingle with locals as much as I could, I was eager to learn about the country and culture to become part of it. I love this country and it is now my favorite place to leave in.

My specialty is logistics, to make sure everything runs smoothly. I am only satisfied when on the day I see Bride and Groom enjoying their time with family and friends, even forgetting what's happening next because they are completely relaxed and thrilled.

Wedding planning is a long process and it is so rewarding when throughout, we manage to make friends with the happy couple and create their perfect day. I couldn't do any other job.

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We're fun, cheerful and simply love destination weddings. If this sounds like the kind of team you want on your side but still have questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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