Meet Laetitia, Local Planner for France

Wedding planner in FranceHi, I’m Laetitia, your local Wedding Planner in France. If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I’ll never impose my vision on you and everything will be tailor made to your needs and style without you giving up control, so you can feel like a guests at your own wedding.

I am a French native who travelled all the way to Malta to follow my passion and become an intern with Wed Our Way in 2013. Quickly advancing to a full time wedding planner, I’m extremely proud to have helped the company expand from Malta to Croatia.

And 100 weddings later, client demand has brought us to my home country of France!

France is a fairy tale location for weddings - but getting married in France is probably quite different than what you might expect in your home country, like the US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. 

With me by your side, typical challenges like language barriers, legal limitations and lagging vendor responsiveness won't be an issue.

Here's how I can help you plan a worry-free destination wedding in France...



A lot of great suppliers don’t have English brochures and don’t speak English, so it's difficult for foreign English-speaking couples to communicate with them.

A local French-speaking wedding planner like myself will help you get accurate information and pricing from suppliers as well as communicate your preferences to French-speaking vendors - so that you don't have to worry about important details getting lost in translation.

And for those suppliers with whom you must interact on the day of your wedding (i.e. make up artist, hair dresser, videographer and photographer), we can ensure that they speak English.

American wedding cake at destination wedding in France2. FOOD FRUSTRATIONS

In France, menus and ways of serving are very different from one caterer to another.

For example, very few caterers will allow you to give options to your guests for the main course, as it is not common in France to do so. Everyone receives the same main dish. You also may struggle to find a caterer than can accommodate Kosher or Halal requirements.

And your plans for a traditional American wedding cake? Finding a French baker who can actually make one is a feat within itself, as this trend is only slowly starting to settle in France.

As your local planner, I can save you the big headache of having to find the needle in the haystack. Depending on your needs, I can suggest the best caterer to provide the type of meal you're hoping for.


Many suppliers send their prices HT, "Hors Taxes in France", which means they exclude taxes. This can result in underestimating your actual wedding costs by as much as 20%, if you forget to add VAT.

A local planner will know the amount of VAT for each service and include it when presenting you with prices to avoid any confusion and stay on top of your budget.

France wedding venue options


Sometimes having endless options can bring more anxiety than relief.

  • How do you choose between a Renaissance castle and a rustic mas if you love them both? What are the pros and cons of each one of them ? 
  • Should you have guest accommodations on site or not ?
  • Do you want to organise a pre or post wedding gathering at the same location? How do you know which works best?
  • Is cleaning included between the events?

Navigating all the essentials details you need to sort out before choosing a venue can add a good deal of stress to the entire planning process.

This is another reason why a local, experienced planner like myself can be a true blessing. I will ask the right questions of you...many of which you'd never think to help you define the exact type of venue that will support your wedding vision.

Then, with that list in mind, I will filter down your venue options to only those that can meet your needs, making the choice much more manageable for you.

France wedding catering options4. CATERING CONFUSION

Speaking of caterers, the sheer number of companies to choose from can feel very overwhelming.

The ideal caterer for you will entirely depend on the type of service, style of cuisine and budget you're looking for - and sorting through all the options can become a time-consuming task. For instance, some caterers can provide a more casual gathering with a BBQ menu, but may not accommodate the silver service of delectable dishes. Figuring out which is which can turn into a real project.

As a local planner for destination couples, I've already been through the pains of this process, so I know precisely which caterers and bakers can deliver your fantasy feast; saving you endless hours of research and frustration. I can also coordinate tastings during your next visit to help you choose the right option for you.


Which area of France should you choose? The decision isn't always as simple as it may seem. The time of year, type of wedding and even the home country you're traveling from can all impact this decision.

Some areas of France are more accessible than others, depending on where you and your guests are coming from. Some locations offer certain activities that you won't find in other areas. And even the time of year can ruin your best laid plans due to weather fluctuations.

An experienced local planner will educate you about weather conditions in each region, the atmosphere in those areas, traveling considerings, where to stay and even what activities to plan around the wedding for that specific location.

France reception music end times7. RECEPTION RULES

Want to dance the night away with your guests into the wee hours? Want a venue that won't tell you to turn the music off at 2:00am?

Every venue has its own timelines, so it's important to be aware of how this can impact your reception.

Also, French law requires all outdoor music to be lowed to background levels after 10:00pm. So if you're hoping for a late night party, you'll need a venue that can provide the space to continue the party indoors past this time. 

A planner will know which venues can offer these options and which ones have strict end times, so you can choose the right site for your wedding.


Depending on the region, vendors in France may be  more or less eager to get work done quickly. 

For instance, in the South of France, people have a very laid back Mediterranean mentality and aren't in too much of a rush to get things done in advance, which can bring a lot of anxiety to the planning process. 

The French are very friendly and happy to welcome foreigners in their country. And while they are excited to help destination couples with every aspect of their wedding, they like to do things in their own time and don’t understand why foreigners want to get everything done so far in advance. For this reason, destination couples struggle to get answers from vendors during the early stages of planning, which adds another layer of stress to the planning process.

Fortunately, a local planner can work wonders in this instance. At Wed Our Way, we created a finely tuned process that is tailored for work in cultures that tend to operate slowly. We know the perfect order in which to execute planning tasks that results in a smooth planning process with no delays and the least amount of stress possible. It took 6 years of testing to perfect our unique method and we are extremely proud of how effective this has been in coordinating with vendors and couples. 

You'll love the peace of mind our process brings to your planning experience!

What's more, our vendor network will give you priority treatment. This is because Wed Our Way is a repeat client for them, regularly introducing them to amazing destination couples they enjoy working with. We make it easy for the finest, most reliable French wedding suppliers to stay booked all year long and, as a result, local suppliers treat our clients like gold - that includes you!

France legal ceremony for foreigners9. LEGAL LIMITATIONS

Unlike other countries, it is not possible to get legally married in France unless one individual in the couple has formal residency in the country.

While it is possible to organise a variety of ceremony types, it can be very challenging to find the appropriate officiant to perform the ceremony without the help of a planner with existing relationships.

Hoping for a traditional Catholic ceremony? Herein lies another obstacle. Not all churches will marry a foreign couple when you aren't a resident. 

Foreign ceremonies are only possible in a Parish where the priest has allowed it when certain conditions are met, such as being married civilly in your own country beforehand and having followed a pre-marriage course in due form.

And what about transportation? Few guests will enjoy traveling hours from the church to the venue...even if you provide the transportation.

With my help, we'll discuss your ceremonial desires and find the best options that accommodate both your guests and your personal preferences.


You have a big plans for your destination wedding in France and my passion is helping couples like you make it happen!

Think of me as your eyes and ears on the ground here locally in France. I will eliminate months of research, calm your fears and help you quickly connect to the exact local suppliers and resources that can bring your vision to life.

Most importantly, I will bring the joy to wedding planning so you can LOVE every minute of your engagement and create the wedding experience you've been dreaming about.

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