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6 Most Common Mistakes When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

 Outdoor weddings in Malta or Croatia are hands down the best. Sunshine, lovely weather, stunning views, refreshing cocktails, and amazing pictures - we could go on forever. Unfortunately, couples usually make a few mistakes when planning their weddings outside, especially if they try to plan without local help. There are a few things you should think about before starting your wedding day. Let's check them out - the 6 most common mistakes made when planning an outdoor wedding. Plan B Bef.. read more »

8 Hidden Costs When Planning Your Wedding

 When planning your wedding and setting a budget for the big day, we don’t want you to get surprised by unexpected costs. To avoid panic and stress, we will share with you the 8 most common hidden expenses associated to the venue, food, flowers and more. Postage for invitations Getting married abroad often means your family and loved ones live across the world and you want to invite them with a personal invitation. Most of the time stationers don’t advise shipping costs and get .. read more »


 So DIY is a huge trend, from home remodeling to the wedding world. Everywhere you look there is a touch of do-it-yourself. Being creative is awesome, so let’s start with some ideas you definitely can’t miss if you’re a DIY-bride! Wedding survival kits Help your guests a bit by offering a survival kit after the (maybe long) evening. A good breakfast is step number one, but your guests will appreciate a box like this. It can really help against the hangover, so there are no.. read more »

7 Problems Every Bride Faces

 You can’t avoid them - the problems every wedding comes with and each bride faces. It can cause you a lot of stress and it can also ruin the preparation up to your wedding day. But ‘Hey brides, come on!’ You can do this. Let’s face the most common problems every bride has to deal with before and on your wedding day to make it less stressful for you. Relax and be the most prepared bride ever. Picky eaters To accommodate all the picky eaters is a stressful moment when.. read more »

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

 For the sweet tooth among us, this blog is just what you’ve been waiting for. Dreaming about the style, flavors, and colors of your wedding cake? We’ve got you covered with the best tips to choose your sweet showpiece. First of all, Budget... Yes, it is very important to first determine your boundaries and don’t go over these limits. A budget is a budget and you need to stick to that so the rest of your wedding budget works, too. Ask yourself how important your wedd.. read more »