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Oh Hey Baby, It Is My Pregnant Wedding!

 Here comes the bride and the baby… Surprise, surprise you’re pregnant... Or maybe it was planned. It makes no difference, it is great news, right? Now you’ve already set a date for your wedding, you should take into account some other aspects, or the other option is to reset the date. In our eyes there is no reason you couldn’t marry while being pregnant at the same time. Gone are the days when the pregnant bride had a rushed, quiet wedding to cover the “shame.. read more »

Places to get married in Croatia

 Dubrovnik Known as the Pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of t he most romantic cities in the world. With more than a thousand- year history and as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site it became a cultural center of the Adriatic. The rich historical and cultural heritage can be felt in the entire city, on its streets, squares, churches, monasteries, and the inevitable Dubrovnik walls. Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage, Dubrovnik is known for its mild climate, excel.. read more »

Getting Married in Dubrovnik

 If you are looking for perfect wedding venue in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik must be on your list! This hundred – year- old city not only attracts tourist from all over the world but it has become a top spot for destination wedding. It is not surprising that more and more couples choose Dubrovnik for their wedding destination, because Dubrovnik really does have all you need for your Dream Day! Great Climate Obviously, if you have decided to have a destination wedding, you want to go .. read more »

The Best Tips for Writing Your Own Unique Vows

 You’ve both decided that you’re going to write your own wedding vows. So, listen up… It won’t be easy, but it will be totally worth all the effort when you are up at the altar facing each other. Here is the thing, you might be telling your partner by now how much you love him every day. But when it comes to creating your own vows for the big day, it is more than different. First of all the setting is not that relaxed as an all-day-in-bed-Sunday-session-moment. The audien.. read more »

Have a Flawless Bachelorette Weekend!

 So, maidens of honors… Wake up, it is your turn! A weekend full of love, champagne, happiness, ‘what-happens-in-…-stays-in…’-memories, and your best friends. This should be one of the most memorable weekends (besides the wedding) of her life. Let’s rock! Here are some helpful tips to create a bachelorette weekend. First of all, write down the the interests of the bride. What is she up to and what do you think she would love to do during her bache.. read more »