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5 Steps to Make Sure Your Guests are Having Fun At Your Destination Wedding

 Our prospective clients often have one common fear; they're afraid their guests won't have fun at their weddings. It makes a lot of sense; after all, these close friends and family members did travel a long way (and likely spent a bit of money) to participate in your destination wedding. So how do you make sure your guests will have a great time? Many experts suggest that by expressing your unique personalities and engaging your guests by allowing them to participate ''heavily'' in.. read more »

6 Questions You Must Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue in Malta

 Discovering the perfect venue for your wedding in Malta ( is one of the most challenging tasks at the early wedding planning stages. In this article, I'll provide you with a few tips and crucial questions that you need to cover when dealing with venue managers in Malta. 1. what does rental fee cover? Some wedding venues in Malta come ( with a rental fee. Others some with a minimum consumption policy, a.. read more »

4 Important Things You Should Consider When Planning a Long Wedding Party in Malta

 If you choose to have destination wedding in Malta ( you will probably want to have long wedding party. After all, you and your guests have traveled far and wide for this special occasion, and you want to make the party last as long as possible so everyone can enjoy every minute. There are few challenges to planning a large wedding party, however. Here are few components you should consider: The Music By law, music in Malta can only be pla.. read more »

Romantic Malta Wedding venue: Villa Brasseire, ''The Villa Malta''

 It it's the romance you're looking for, look no further than the Villa Brasserie, also referred to as the Villa Malta''. This gorgous sea view venue is centrally located in one of the top tourists areas of Malta, only a few minutes walk form several prominent hotels in the city, this romantic setting is one of Malta's most popular destinations for weddings. At night, the facade is luminescent, and it's a wonderful place to enjoy some of the most delicious food on the island, served by an ext.. read more »

Wedding Musts to Prepare For Your Big Day!

 Your Malta wedding is drawing closer, and the stress is starting to build! What's a frazzled bride-to-be to do? Well, first of all, it's important to take the advice of many expert wedding planners: take care of yourself! Take a deep breath, keep active, eat healthy food, and find an outlet for your stress, like yoga. Remember to keep groom close, and son't forget to save time or harmful things to your body, and the last thing you need is cold on your wedding day, so take time to relax. get .. read more »