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What You Need to Know About Malta Wedding Ceremonies and Making Them Personal

 A few weeks ago, our busy wedding season came to an end with our last couple, Katherine and Alexander from New Zeeland, tying the knot in Malta. Just few weeks prior to their special day, Alex expressed his concern about the simplicity of their Malta wedding ceremony. He wanted to know how they could make their ceremony more personal and a bit longer than standard. This inspired me to share few facts about wedding ceremonies in Malta and few tips how you can personalize them. Wedding cere.. read more »

Planning a Small Wedding in Malta? Here Are Few Tips to Help You Get Started!

 Getting married abroad probably means your guest list won’t be as long as it would be if you were holding your wedding at home. If you are looking for the best locations and tips to host your smallish wedding in Malta (/wedding-planner-malta), I can give you few good ideas and useful guidance with this post! Getting to Know Local Wedding Culture Local couples usually plan their weddings 2-3 years in advance Local wedding size is typically 400-600 guests The most .. read more »

Just got engaged yesterday! Where do I start?

 If this is you I would first like to say congrats! This is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life! Before you do anything else, take a few days or weeks and enjoy your engagement, no making plans (yes, you can update your relationship status on FB ;), just make sure you share the news with the closest friends and family first). You will enjoy your relationship more than ever and really relish this time. When you finally sit down and start planning, start with defi.. read more »

Real Malta Wedding - Theresa and Neil

 We made a short interview with Theresa about their wedding planning journey and shared video slide show from their beautiful Malta wedding. Hope you’ll enjoy their story! Q: Why Malta? We chose Malta because it is a beautiful historic country. We also chose it because it is a Catholic country -like Ireland and we knew our ceremony would be like a traditional catholic ceremony. The people are known to be very friendly and they all speak English fluently. The weather is beautiful .. read more »

6 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

 There are so many things memorable about your wedding and so many memories you will want to make sure are captured in photographs and maybe videography. Choosing a wedding photographer can seem like an overwhelming task, but these 6 steps to choosing your photographer will replace overwhelming feelings with confidence. 1. create a list of your wants and needs for the wedding This should include some basic information that will help you and your photographer work well togeth.. read more »