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4 Wedding Venues in Malta for a Fun and Relaxing Wedding

 Last week we shared 7 tips to create a fun and relaxing ambiance for your wedding. We showed you the most important points you have to deal with when creating a wedding that will please all of your guests. These tips are not the only the contributors to the ambiance of your Malta wedding. (, the venue is maybe one of the most important factors for creating a fun and relaxing wedding. The venue can make it or break it. So, according to those tips.. read more »

7 Tips to Make it a Fun and Relaxing Wedding for Everyone

 Your big wedding day should be special and just what you want, but we guess you hope your guests will also have a lovely day. In fact, the whole intention of inviting your loved ones, family, and friends to your wedding is to have them enjoy the time together, to engage with people, and to have fun with you – the couple. We all know that pleasing all of your guests the entire day is impossible, but to make it a fun and relaxing wedding for everyone is actually possible. There are a l.. read more »

I have my man, but I still need my girls. Will you be my bridesmaid?

 So, he popped the question and you’ve said yes! Congratulations! You’re engaged now and it is time for you to pop the question. You have probably been dreaming about your big day for years, so you already know who is going to be your bridesmaid. Nowadays marriage proposals have grown more spectacular, it is not surprising that ‘/images/blog/proposals/Bridesmaids proposals’ have followed. So you can’t stay behind and just propose to your loved ones and best friends b.. read more »

Budgeting for Wedding Music and Entertainment

 If you are planning your destination wedding in Malta, you’re going to need to plan for your wedding music and entertainment, and you should also consider how these fit into your overall wedding budget. To help you get started, it might be best to think about your wedding day with three separate events where you might want music: the ceremony, the reception, and the after party. Start with a total amount you will allot to music and entertainment, and then prepare to divide that amount for .. read more »

Villa Bologna -Perfect Wedding Venue for Fusion of Mediterranean and Vintage

 Villa Bologna ( has been associated with weddings since it was first built in 1745. Fabrizio Grech a wealthy senior adviser to the Grand Master Pinto, had the Villa built as a wedding gift to his daughter Theresa Grech and Nicola Perdicomati Bologna. Continuing its history, Villa Bologna was inherited by Sir Gerald Strickland in the 1890s. He was one of Malta’s most influential politicians being elected as an MP in the UK House of Commons and the Prime Minister .. read more »