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Croatia Wedding Venue - Bonj Les Bain

 This gorgeous sea view venue is located in one of the top tourist destination in Croatia – island of Hvar. Only a few minutes walk form several prominent hotels in Hvar, this romantic venue with spectacular sea view is one of Croatia's most popular wedding venue. The colonnade of white stone from the 1930's by the crystal clear sea will give your wedding a touch of retro Mediterranean atmosphere. Thanks to its architectural beauty, location and stunning sea view it's the ideal venue.. read more »

Let's Invite - 9 tips to create the perfect wedding invitation

 Last week we shared the 6 steps to create your wedding guests list. Today it is time to design the perfect wedding invitation. Your wedding invitation is the wonderful opportunity to set the tone for your celebration. With this card you give your guests a first peek at your wedding style. You can make it or break it, because first impressions last forever. We know, similar to choosing your perfect wedding dress, creating invitations can cause a lot of stress. On the web you.. read more »

The 6 Steps To Create Your Wedding Guest List

 Okay, we admit it. Making your guests list is not one of the exciting parts of planning your wedding. We can understand that you prefer cake tasting our choosing your dream wedding dress, though creating your guest list is one of the most important things with which to start.. Of course you only want to share this celebration with your loved ones and friends. Creating the guest list can cause a lot of arguments and different opinions. You have to be equal in sharing the number of guests.. read more »

7 Tips to Make it a Fun and Relaxing Wedding for Everyone

 Your big wedding day should be special and just what you want, but we guess you hope your guests will also have a lovely day. In fact, the whole intention of inviting your loved ones, family, and friends to your wedding is to have them enjoy the time together, to engage with people, and to have fun with you – the couple. We all know that pleasing all of your guests the entire day is impossible, but to make it a fun and relaxing wedding for everyone is actually possible. There are a l.. read more »

I have my man, but I still need my girls. Will you be my bridesmaid?

 So, he popped the question and you’ve said yes! Congratulations! You’re engaged now and it is time for you to pop the question. You have probably been dreaming about your big day for years, so you already know who is going to be your bridesmaid. Nowadays marriage proposals have grown more spectacular, it is not surprising that ‘/images/blog/proposals/Bridesmaids proposals’ have followed. So you can’t stay behind and just propose to your loved ones and best friends b.. read more »