Planning Tips

Just got engaged yesterday! Where do I start?

 If this is you I would first like to say congrats! This is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life! Before you do anything else, take a few days or weeks and enjoy your engagement, no making plans (yes, you can update your relationship status on FB ;), just make sure you share the news with the closest friends and family first). You will enjoy your relationship more than ever and really relish this time. When you finally sit down and start planning, start with defi.. read more »

6 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

 There are so many things memorable about your wedding and so many memories you will want to make sure are captured in photographs and maybe videography. Choosing a wedding photographer can seem like an overwhelming task, but these 6 steps to choosing your photographer will replace overwhelming feelings with confidence. 1. create a list of your wants and needs for the wedding This should include some basic information that will help you and your photographer work well togeth.. read more »

How to Handle Your Wedding Dress When Traveling

 Destination weddings are becoming more and more common, and we’re not surprised! Who wouldn’t love the chance to spend a weekend away at a beautiful location celebrating a wedding with their nearest and dearest!? And whether you’re going halfway around the world or a different state, getting your wedding dress ( your venue safely is a priority. Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind. Pick in your suitcase If you c.. read more »

Personal Wedding Website - The Fun, Interactive Way to Share Your Destination Wedding Plans With Family and Friends

 When planning a destination wedding, you not only have to organize the many aspects of the event, you also have to answer lots of questions from your guests, far more than if you were holding the wedding at home. They’ll want to know the best way to travel to the location, where to stay and what activities to do should they decide to stay a few extra days. When you book a wedding with Wed Our Way, you get your own personal wedding website. It’s a fun, easy way to provide you.. read more »

Your Wedding Budget - How To Beat Bank Fees When Transferring Funds Abroad For Your Destination Wedding

 Planning a destination wedding can be stressful, and worrying about how you are going to transfer money to another country to pay wedding fees is probably the last thing on your mind. However, currency exchange can have a bit impact on the costs so it's worth bearing in mind. A currency broker can actually help you save on the cost of currency payments you may need to make to pay for venues, flowers, photographer, wedding planner etc. With the average destination wedding couple making b.. read more »