Planning Tips

4 Important To Do's During The Last Week Before Your Wedding in Malta

 Once you finally arrive in Malta for your destination wedding (/malta/wedding-planner), all your plans will finally come to life and THE DAY will begin to feel much more real. You might feel excitement and bit of nervousness so it’s very important that you plan your activities for the week ahead of time. Careful planning will enable you to actually enjoy those last few days before the wedding while staying completely organized. 4 Important Things To Do During Your Wedding Week in Malta .. read more »

When is the best time to get married in Malta

 One of the most common concerns our prospective clients usually have is how to choose their wedding date and what is the best time to get marry in Malta. This concern comes from the fact that most couples wish for outdoor weddings and worry about weather at their chosen date. While there are no guarantees when it comes to planning outdoor weddings anywhere, there are some guidelines you can use to determine when you should plan an outdoor wedding in Malta, an indoor wedding, or perhaps a c.. read more »

Should I Invite Children To My Destination Wedding?

 When it comes to destination wedding planning (/event-design), many couples ask the same question: Should I invite children to my wedding? If you are trying to decide if your guest list or wedding party should include kids, especially those ages 12 and younger, ask yourself the following questions about your wedding. Is my wedding at night, generally later than a child's bedtime? Is my child in a location that is not child-friendly? Do I want to skip inviting children to my w.. read more »

Dining Disaster or Dinner Delight? Seating Charts for Weddings

 When you consider all of the details that go into planning a wedding, you might not think that the seating charts rank high on the list of priorities. Determining where to direct guests so that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, however, can actually take more time and energy than you may realize. If you are considering seating charts for your wedding reception, use some of these tips and tricks for a harmonious celebration for all. Tips for Wedding Seating Charts and Happy Guests :.. read more »

The 8 Biggest Pitfalls When Planning a Destination Wedding in Malta

 A destination wedding in Malta is a dream for many couples, and can be the perfect way to begin a new life together. However, you should be aware of the 8 biggest pitfalls to avoid when planning your wedding so that this special day will be memorable for all the right reasons. The 8 Pitfalls 1. Not having a clear understanding of your own expectations and priorities From the dress to the reception dinner, your head might be swirling with all of the possible plans for your destin.. read more »