Planning Tips

Budgeting for Wedding Music and Entertainment

 If you are planning your destination wedding in Malta, you’re going to need to plan for your wedding music and entertainment, and you should also consider how these fit into your overall wedding budget. To help you get started, it might be best to think about your wedding day with three separate events where you might want music: the ceremony, the reception, and the after party. Start with a total amount you will allot to music and entertainment, and then prepare to divide that amount for .. read more »

How to Create a Perfect Honeymoon Experience in Malta

 To create the best memories, weddings shall go along with the perfect honeymoon experience. And in Malta, an extraordinary honeymoon that is surely a memory of forever awaits newlywed couples. Resting at the heart of the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa, Malta is not only rich in history, but also in scenery, architecture, and culture. These treasures, once discovered, will inevitably create a mark in the wanderer’s mind and heart. And it will be great to see couples.. read more »

Best Activities for Your Wedding Week in Malta

 When you plan a destination wedding in Malta you shouldn’t just plan for that one, important day. Take advantage of all that beautiful Malta has to offer and turn your wedding day into a wedding experience! With amazing weather, boating 260 sunny days each year (especially during summer), an intimate setting of the island with everything you want and need close at hand, and a location filled with both history and hot stops – Malta is your destination wedding week goldmine!Weather you.. read more »

7 Things To Consider Before You Get Married on The Beach in Malta

 1. It’s Never Private or Exclusive If you’re looking for a ceremony setting that’s a bit more exclusive, then a beach may not be your best option. In Malta, the beaches are open to the public, including when a ceremony is taking place. Even if you’re ok with having strangers join you for your big moment, the other downside to this situation is that nothing is within your control. Crying babies, laughing adults and flying Frisbees may all be a part of your ambiance, whether you like it or not.. read more »

Getting Married in Malta- 5 Things to Avoid

 Malta is one of the most beautiful locations for a destination wedding, but in order for all of your wedding dreams and plans to come true, there are 5 things that couples should not do as they plan for their big day. 1. Plan an outdoor wedding without a backup plan Yes, it is true that the weather in Malta is amazing all year round, but that doesn't mean there is a guarantee from Mother Nature that your wedding day will be rain and wind free. Be sure to check out one of my recent bl.. read more »