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3 Sea View Wedding Venues in Malta That Have Sea Views Even at Your Reception

 Today’s blog might sound a bit strange at first. You’d probably assume that if the venue has sea views it would have sea views during ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, am I right? Well, there is one important detail that you’re maybe overlooking while exploring wedding venues in Malta ( Malta is an island surrounded by open sea, so once the sun goes down that view that was breathtaking during the day turns into black empty space and completel.. read more »

Best beaches to Get Married in Malta

 In this blog we share some options for your wedding on the beach! HOLA BEACH This beach club is a perfect summer getaway and relaxation venue, situated in Marfa Bay. It is a truly unique location that offers you a lot of facilities, from comfortable furniture to a fully stocked cocktail bar. Why is this beach a good choice? Imagine that you have your part of the beach just for you, your big love and your guests. No annoying people that hang around a.. read more »

Villa Bologna -Perfect Wedding Venue for Fusion of Mediterranean and Vintage

 Villa Bologna ( has been associated with weddings since it was first built in 1745. Fabrizio Grech a wealthy senior adviser to the Grand Master Pinto, had the Villa built as a wedding gift to his daughter Theresa Grech and Nicola Perdicomati Bologna. Continuing its history, Villa Bologna was inherited by Sir Gerald Strickland in the 1890s. He was one of Malta’s most influential politicians being elected as an MP in the UK House of Commons and the Prime Minister .. read more »

Wedding budgets: Cost of Malta Wedding Venues Revealed

 This week I am giving another insight into Malta wedding budgets where I'll give you some guidance on venue costs. Venues cost is usually 40-60% of your total wedding budget. As a wedding planner I've been asked questions about venue costs a lot during consultations with our prospective clients. Most of them don't know how to set up their wedding budget as they are not familiar with pricing of local Malta venues and wedding industry in general. Before going further, let me first repeat here.. read more »

Historic Malta Venue; Castelo Zammitello

 If you are invisioning a spectacular wedding venue (/malta-wedding-venues),which may charm you and your guests then Castello Zammitello could be the right venue for you. Castello Zammitello is an authentic 19th century castle set in lush gardens and surrounded by calming country scenes. Built in the Norman dominion, its main aim was to serve as a look-out post for any corsairs who may have anchored their ships in the near-by bay of Gnejna, Mgarr. Its location is idillic for you if yo.. read more »