Malta Budgets

How to Plan a Luxurious Wedding Without Spending More Money

 Money can’t buy happiness - that’s right! But do you know how you can get more happiness without spending more money? With a lot of creativity and tips & tricks. Are you dreaming, since childhood, of this fabulous and elegant luxurious wedding, but now you find out that you have to face the reality of what that might cost? No worries, you have us. What is a luxurious wedding? It is an eight-figure event that boasts a “glossy magazine worthy” wedding dress, food,.. read more »

Budgeting for Wedding Music and Entertainment

 If you are planning your destination wedding in Malta, you’re going to need to plan for your wedding music and entertainment, and you should also consider how these fit into your overall wedding budget. To help you get started, it might be best to think about your wedding day with three separate events where you might want music: the ceremony, the reception, and the after party. Start with a total amount you will allot to music and entertainment, and then prepare to divide that amount for .. read more »

How to Setup a Budget for Professional Wedding Photographer in Malta

 Great photos are very high on priority list to most wedding couples and we definitely understand why. If you hire good, skilled photographer result will be ever listing memories, the best moments on the day captured and saved to be relived for years to come. We recommend 4 -7 different photographers that are extremely talented, very reliable, full time vendors and fit different budgets and style categories. Working with different photographers allows us to stay flexible with our couple.. read more »

Malta Wedding Budgets: How do I set up a budget for transportation at my destination wedding

 Transportation is one of the costs many couples forget about when planning their wedding budget. This is an especially important item if you’re paying for your guests' transportation as well, so I am going to give you some guidance here about what kind of wedding transportation is popular at Malta weddings and what prices are out there at the moment. Bridal Cars The most popular bridal cars in Malta are definitely vintage cars. Price: The average price of one way transport for vin.. read more »

Wedding budgets: Cost of Malta Wedding Venues Revealed

 This week I am giving another insight into Malta wedding budgets where I'll give you some guidance on venue costs. Venues cost is usually 40-60% of your total wedding budget. As a wedding planner I've been asked questions about venue costs a lot during consultations with our prospective clients. Most of them don't know how to set up their wedding budget as they are not familiar with pricing of local Malta venues and wedding industry in general. Before going further, let me first repeat here.. read more »