One of the most common concerns our prospective clients usually have is how to choose their wedding date and what is the best time to get marry in Malta.
This concern comes from the fact that most couples wish for outdoor weddings and worry about weather at their chosen date. While there are no guarantees when it comes to planning outdoor weddings anywhere, there are some guidelines you can use to determine when you should plan an outdoor wedding in Malta, an indoor wedding, or perhaps a combination of settings for your celebration.

You will find many articles online about weather in Malta: its hot and humid summers, mild dry winters and mostly sunny weather throughout the year make it a popular choice for destination weddings. The months of July and August have little risk for rain, although June and September are the most popular months for destination weddings here.

You can get sunny, even hot days starting early in April or end up using your backup plan even if your wedding is taking place at the end of May

Though getting married in Malta in August almost guarantees dry weather you might want to think about this twice as heat sometimes can be unbearable (40+ C with extremely high humidity - not a good day for your hair! :))

Planning a Summer Wedding in Malta

My advice when planning an outdoor summer wedding in Malta would be to focus on these points:
  • Plan for August if you rally really don't even want to consider an indoor wedding (but please note there is still no guarantee here, just advice from our experience) and if you don't mind possible humidity, very high temperatures and basically starting your ceremony later in the afternoon. Starting your wedding ceremony (if it's taking place outdoors) before 6 pm will make you and your guests very uncomfortable.
  •  Plan for April or May if you wish to start your ceremony a bit earlier (or even have a day wedding) and don't mind continuing with the reception and after party in your indoor venue area. Consider that temperatures in April and May change sometimes 7-10 C from day to night and the month of May often gets very windy (which will make all the ladies feel very cool in sleeveless evening dresses). Don't forget about the humidity, too! 
  • Plan for June for a bit warmer daytime temperature for both the ceremony and dinner outside, but still have good backup plan. These dates are the best for outdoor weddings, but it can be too hot if you wish to start your ceremony very early (before 4-5 pm).
  • Remember that June and July are usually quite hot and the chance of rain is very small. However you can still experience very comfortable evenings and this time is great for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, starting later in the afternoon and continuing long into the night.


  • Remember that September is also usually very warm but with increased chances of rain compared to July and August. It's a good option for outdoor ceremonies starting early in the afternoon, however high humidity is very common this time of the year. This year September has been our most popular month for destination weddings in Malta (winning even over June). 
  • Plan for October or the beginning of November if you wish for a daytime, outdoor ceremony (with keeping in mind that you have a higher chance of using your backup plan), and a reception held inside.


  • Remember that winter in Malta can be a good option for your wedding as well, though planning an outdoor ceremony might not be as comfortable. However, with our all year round sunny weather you could be lucky to get your wedding pictures taken on the beach even in January. Look at our clients Maria and Stanislav and their wedding - they had a beautiful indoor wedding on January 3rd and still got stunning outdoor wedding pictures!
Did you decide on your date or venue just yet? What is your date and plan for setup? Share your plans with us and let us know if you have any questions - we can't wait to hear from you!