Therese Debono is a fabulous photographer in Malta  who specializes in wedding, event and family photography. If you’re currently looking for a photographer, make sure you check out our interview with Theresa and her photography below.

What made you want to start doing wedding photography?

It was actually people who made me go for it. I post my photos on social media on a weekly basis and it all started with one couple asking me to shoot their wedding and till that day I had never shot one. I declined at first but the couple insisted so much that I took the plunge! So really I never thought I would get into wedding photography till I got my first request. It was this couple who gave me the opportunity to start wedding photography.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is being entrusted to document one’s important event. I simply love taking in the whole event in images, and let myself go and simply shoot whatever happens during the assignment.
3. What is your speciality? What are you known for?
I think people are drawn to my work because it is so natural and has a journalistic style to it which makes it different than the usual posed images. Some people would later tell me that they had no idea that I would have documented their day in so much detail, since I do not just document the couple but also the surroundings and everything else which makes up the day.

What Services do you offer?

Apart from wedding photography I also do engagement shoots and also family shoots. I love it when a couple who’s wedding I would have shot a few years ago come back requesting my services for a pregnancy shoot and later for their child’s first birthday etc.

Why should I choose you to be part of my wedding day?

I think I should be chosen as your wedding photography because first of all I do not take away the limelight from the couple and the rest of the guests. I work calmly and non intrusively work around the couple and the event. I also am genuinely interested in the couple, in how they met, in what made them say I Do! So I really want to capture their dream day in images so that they have it documented for life. I take my work very seriously, and responsibly. This is the couple’s great day, and I am going to make sure that their images match and document what happened during their wedding!

What can I expect from you on the day of the wedding event?

You can surely expect big smiles and reassuring comments from me, and documentation of the whole event from the bride with her entourage during dressing up to the males having a laugh pre wedding vows till the dancing at the end of the event. I am very hands on so I find no problem in fixing the groom’s cuff links, or making sure the bride’s veil is in place if it looks funny! I will also gently guide you through the day together with the wedding planner so that you feel good, confident and above all fabulous!

Do you have particularly photography style?

I shoot freely with no set rules unless the couples request it. I love candid photos so lifestyle photography (as it is happening) works well with me and I always make sure I get the most out of a wedding. I will of course take the obligatory group family photos; however I will not miss out on the hugs, kisses, laughs and sweet little nothings which happen during a wedding! I believe that natural is best since over posing can really look too stiff, however I have no problems with taking a few posed photos on the venue’s grounds for eg on the beach, as long as the couple are having a good time, I am game!

Where can I find samples/portfolios of work form your past weddings?

I have a stream of photos of all my work here: and also my wedding portfolio can be found here

Will photos be backed up. If so, how?

Yes photos are backed on double hard disks and on dvds. One can’t be too safe!

Do you work with an assistant?

I like to work alone, however if the wedding is too big to handle alone, then I get an assistant with me. However I make sure that I take the lead and that the main images are shot by me.

You can also connect with Therese and view more of her photography on her website and Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Therese Debono Photography today… let us know if she’ll be snapping some of your fabulous wedding photos!