Today we’re featuring an interview with Daniela Cassar, one of the best makeup artists of Malta. Being a makeup artist has always been a dream for her and back in 2005 she got her international diploma for bridal, TV, photography and runway makeup. Since then she couldn’t let go of her big passion and she is always aiming to create fabulous makeup styles.

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1. What sets you apart from other make up artists?
I think the difference between me and other makeup artists is the fact that I just love what I do! Make up is truly a passion of mine. I take pride in what I do and hence I don’t leave the client until I am sure that she is happy with the final look.

2. What kind of services do you offer?
I am a professional makeup artist and specialized in bridal makeup. However I also do TV, fashion and theatre make up.

3. What kind of products do you use? And do you also airbrush?
I don’t stick to one brand, so I do not always use the same products. I keep trying new ones until I find what I want. All the products I use are hypoallergenic and I always test them on myself or some good friends before using them on clients.
Unfortunately, I do not do airbrush at the moment, but that is something that is in my plan for the future.

Photography by Kris Micaleff

4. Do you do a trial or consultation and how do they work?
A trial is always recommended to my clients, as during the trial I can get to know my client better and understand her needs. Building a relationship with the client is the key element to great results, as it is useless applying what I think is best without knowing what client really wants. Apart from this, I also feel this is an important step as it allows me to get some feedback from my clients to confirm whether there was any skin reaction from the products I used.

5. Do you have a bridal salon or do you go on location?
I go on location, because this allows the bride to be in her own environment and also be able to liaise with the photographer and get a feel of the style of the wedding itself; and not just the bride.

6. How do you customize your make up to the style of the bride?
First I do a consultation with the clients to discover her needs and then I explain to her what I think suits her most.
If we disagree I try both looks so together we come up with a decision. This always helps and assures that my clients are always happy with the final result.

7. What is the most common question brides ask you about wedding make up?
Will my makeup smudge when I cry?
This is asked to me ALL the time… My answer to that question is, try not to cry! No, seriously I tell them that I do my best to fix the makeup with a makeup fixer, I teach them how to dab their tears rather than wipe them away and I also suggest that they bring an under eye concealer with them; just in case they remove all the eye makeup.

8. What is the most important thing for a bride to remember for their wedding day make up?
First: to be rested – a good night sleep before the big day is important so that the face looks fresh.
Secondly: a clean face – it is important to clean and moisture the face before the makeup is done.
Thirdly: be honest with the makeup artist – the bride has to be honest with the makeup artist as this is their day and if they look at themselves in the mirror and they don’t like what they see, they won’t be happy on their special day.
Last but not least: just smile – the best makeup a woman can wear is her SMILE!

Photography by Kris Micaleff

Do you want to get in touch with Daniela? Or do you have some more questions? You can connect with her and view more of her work on her Facebook page.