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12 Fun Backdrop Ideas for Awesome Wedding Day Photos

 Your wedding day pictures are the most precious memories of the best day in your life. Whether you have a photographer walking around shooting the best pictures or having your guests taking pictures of you, setup, and themselves, you need to make it fun and unique. Having a photo booth is almost a must have at every wedding lately and in our opinion these pictures can nearly be as good showing how much fun everyone had as your ‘official’ wedding pictures. In fact, a photo booth is re.. read more »

Where Should Your Wedding Guests Stay in Malta?

 So you’re planning your wedding in Malta and your family and loved ones will fly to the beautiful island and share in your special day. They will stand by your side and they’ll help you to create a memorable day. We have the tips you need to find the best lodging resources for you and your wedding guests in Malta. Malta – Small Country, Big Possibilities Malta is one of the smallest countries in the Mediterranean Sea with just 316 square kilometers, and consists of three isla.. read more »

Our Top A-Z Honeymoon Guide '_��_��__ Part 2

 Be ready for the second part of our honeymoon guide. Earlier we shared some places that were small pieces of heaven on earth. This time maybe you’ll find places even more incredible and amazing to visit. Have fun! Namibia In southern Africa you’ll find the amazing country Namibia, full of unique and inspiring landscapes and never ending experiences. A honeymoon can be stunning and adventurous at both sides - just imagine sleeping under the sparkling stars or discover the cou.. read more »

9 Original Ways to Match Your Groom's Attire with the Theme of the Day

 The modern man isn't about all the fuss and girly stuff around the big day. Some guys prefer to have an amazing bachelor party and a lovely moment with his wife on the day it self. Your groom most probably doesn't get involved too much with the table decoration, bridal bouquets or wedding favors, but it is important and fun to showcase his personality on the wedding. Although he might not be into all this, there is a certain way to coordinate on a united style front In this.. read more »

Our Top A-Z Honeymoon Guide - Part 1

 Part 1 of the A-Z of honeymoons ‘Honeymoon’ [huhn-ee-moon] – the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Planning your wedding means planning your HONEYMOON! Definitely, one of the best parts of getting married is having this special celebration for just the two of you. Whether you love to go to an exotic resort in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean or are planning your trip to the north of Canada and going &.. read more »