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Music has a huge power!

 “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo Music plays an important role during your big day. It can alter the mood, ambiance and emotion. In fact, the right music can make a wedding day that much more meaningful, while the wrong music selection can create an unpleasant memory. Your ceremony and reception, whether they are at an elegant secret garden or in a relaxing beach club, can be made even more amazing by the mu.. read more »

Are you the type for a winter wedding? Let's find out!

 So, you’re planning your big day and you think you might want have your wedding in the middle of the winter. Than Malta is the perfect spot for you and your fiancé to get married and to have an unforgettable winter wedding in the middle of December! It sounds pretty cold right? In this blog we’ll show you the benefits of getting hitched in one of the most beautiful seasons in Malta. November in Malta feels like summer in the Uk Malta has a typical Medite.. read more »

From Here to There

 Don’t forget to ask your wedding transportation company these 9 questions! Whether you are dreaming of a vintage Rolls Royce, horse and carriage, or a fancy white BMW, you have to book your wedding car 5 to 6 months before your wedding. To create this relaxing feeling during planning your wedding, you need to be careful with reserving your wedding transportation. You want to make sure that you and your guests don’t have to worry about navigating an unfamiliar city or choo.. read more »

How to Plan a Luxurious Wedding Without Spending More Money

 Money can’t buy happiness - that’s right! But do you know how you can get more happiness without spending more money? With a lot of creativity and tips & tricks. Are you dreaming, since childhood, of this fabulous and elegant luxurious wedding, but now you find out that you have to face the reality of what that might cost? No worries, you have us. What is a luxurious wedding? It is an eight-figure event that boasts a “glossy magazine worthy” wedding dress, food,.. read more »

Drowning in the sea of love

 7 reasons to tie the knot at seashore Marriage is like the ocean. It can be still or calm, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful. Aye, Aye, Captain! The sea has limitless opportunities to start the journey of your marriage. Breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the Maltese Coasts, drinking a glass of champagne while breathing in a gentle sea breeze, and as night falls you can drown in a stunning endless sunset. These blessings will create the perfect spot to.. read more »